from by Vulturegeist



Close your eyes and stay with me, o’ brother.
Because your pride is falling behind.
You bite the hand that feeds
While you kiss the one that’s starving you
You’re just becoming part of the world.
You’re just a wild flower dressed up in your business suit.
You can’t blame the father for the sins of the son.
Don’t make excuses. Don’t masquerade.
Stop boasting battles that you’ve yet to win.
They’re playing cards with a loaded deck
And you’re calling tails on their two headed coin.
So let’s raise the stakes.
Just take a chance on me.
You fight your fate like Oedipus raised you.
And now you’ve made your ministry digging up my grave.
You keep your pulpit tunes.
I’ll sing my poor boy blues.


from Single, released April 22, 2014


all rights reserved



Vulturegeist Anaheim

All hail Lord Vulturegeist. Bless his name.

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